The Perks Of Being A Bill Collector

Welcome back to debt collection 101, your beginner’s guide to debt collection. In articles one and two, I wrote about the different types of debt collectors, how collection agents will find a debtor, and what they will do when they contact the debtor. In article three I described the strict rules and regulations that debt collectors, particularly third party debt collectors must abide by when they make each phone call.

In article four I wrote about what the job of a bill collector is like, and in article five I described the expectations that collection agents are usually required to meet on the job. Now I will speak about the perks of being a debt collector, and what the collections industry can expect to see in the future.

The key idea for any collection agent just starting out to remember is to hang in there: the amount of experience that a collections agent gains is directly proportional to their rate of success, and more success, means more money in commissions. There is much growth potential for debt collectors, as collectors who are successful will usually get bigger accounts that come with opportunities to earn more money.

In addition, collectors who have additional experience, training and skills are more likely to climb up the ladder. The majority of debt collectors work forty hours per week, with some working evenings and weekends, others working part time. Generally, the work schedules of a debt collector are pretty flexible.

In the year of 2008, research revealed that there were almost 411,000 debt collectors. Twenty five percent were hired by businesses, nineteen percent were working for financial and insurance agencies, and eighteen percent were employed in the health care field. Analysts expect the amount of debt collection jobs to grow at a rate faster than the average of all other occupations. It is projected to grow by a staggering nineteen percent from 2008 to 2018. These researchers expect that new jobs will be created in industries like health care and financial services, and that jobs will grow for both in house bill collectors and third party collection agencies.

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