The Perfect Decor For Little Girls

If your little girl has been bugging you about redecorating her bedroom, anytime is the perfect time to do so given the wide selection of themes, design and color suited for young girls. So why not decorate now and make it a bonding activity between you and your little girl?

Beachy themes are very popular, especially if you live very near a seashore or a body of water. It’s very easy to design and will surely be a hit with a girl who loves the outdoors and the water. Ocean themes can be done with a light blue or blue-green for the walls and a neutral color near beige for the floor. This should simulate the water and the sand of the real thing.

A feminine style is seen in fairytale, princess and flower-related designs. This style is well-loved because of the colorful look, girly textures from the ruffles and florals, and the cute shapes in decorations.

In the same vein, your girl can get a more dramatic room with a moon theme. A deep or midnight blue room with painted celestial bodies captures that feeling of stargazing, while glow in the dark decals help complete the effect. You can then finish off the room with bed covers and other accessories in star and moon prints.

Flowers will never go wrong in a girl’s eyes. Decorating the bedroom with floral prints, flower arrangement, lots of flower colors and sunflower-shaped rugs or rugs designed with flower arts will certainly give your daughter her own paradise.

Fairytales are also a favorite theme for many young girls. The Disney princesses and other characters from famous animated movies become the girls’ good friends. Most follow the setting of a castle while others make use of the key pieces in the story’s plot. For example, mermaids (The Little Mermaid), fairies or fairy godmothers, Arabian-inspired design (Aladdin) and penguins (Happy Feet). The ideas are limitless, especially nowadays when the materials for children are growing both in books, TV programs and movies. Allow your child to use her creativity and apply her loved character and story.

Do you have a lot of secondhand items you want to use? A cottage theme incorporates those items very well. Whites and light colors paired with distressed furniture and simple patterns will give the room a very welcoming, home-on-the-range feel. It won’t look very expensive, but it’ll most definitely be cozy for your little girl.

Regardless of the theme that you and your daughter eventually choose, remember to put a lot of lively colors and soft textures into the room to make it friendlier. A plush rug in a light or neutral color, for example, gives your child some space on the floor to play, read or lie on. It’s all about what pieces will make the space more comfortable for your child.

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