The Perfect Clothing Rail

The strength of the Rail is one of the most important things people look for when choosing a rail. There is no doubt our Garment Rails are very, very strong and long lasting… check out our video to see the proof.

That isn’t the only criteria, not only do you want a heavy duty clothes rail that will last a long time, it needs to be adaptable for your changing needs, which is why many of our rails can now be purchased with Height Extension Pieces and adjustable Centre Rail, thus allowing you to double your hanging space!

Children’s rooms can be a real problem. Firstly… children grow! You begin with a room for the baby, but soon it needs to adapt to a little person with completely different needs and eventually a child who builds up their own collection of toys and clothes. Suddenly the room isn’t big enough, or the wardrobe isn’t able to store all the clothes and there’s no other space in the house for them, every cupboard and draw is full and don’t even look under the bed!

But there are ways to make the most of the space you have and add storage items that don’t take up too much room. The key is to keep everything in proportion. People are often asking us about storage solutions for children… especially Children’s Clothes Rails. So let’s start there.

Indeed you may not have the space for a large Garment Rail in their room and with the size of childrens’ clothes you don’t need it. The 4ft Junior Height Black with Chrome Top Garment Rail is more than sufficient, plus takes up less space in the room.

Perhaps like myself you had to extend, convert the loft or change the layout of your existing bedrooms to make room for a new arrival and now you need a rail to fit. Having gone into the eaves of my own house for just this reason I know about awkward spaces, and the Understairs Garment Rail is perfect for awkward storage spaces!

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