The Perfect 1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings

The 1 carat diamond stud earrings are commonly thought to be the perfect earring. There may be no particular reason as to why, but in general, it’s actually is accepted as such. It is most likely due to the fact a 1 carat stud earring is the ideal size to sit for the earlobe. It’s big sufficient to catch the light and sparkle, but no so big that it looks gaudy. You will discover a few other things to consider when buying your “perfect” 1 carat studs.

Buying studs is similar to buying an engagement ring. You have to consider the world famous 4C’s. Deciding on 1 carat means that you have already decided one of the 4 C’s: Carat. When it comes to diamonds, size really does matter. As discussed above, 1 carat is considered “perfect” but that doesn’t mean that you have to choose a pair of 1 carat diamond stud earrings. You can choose smaller or bigger; there is no rule when it comes to size. It’s what you prefer.

The next of the 4C’s to consider is cut. Cut refers to the shape of the stone. You can choose anything you want, although round and princess cut stones are the most common. The second part to Cut is how the stone is cut. There are certain standards which outline how a stone should be cut so that there is a maximization of light return and refraction, giving it the most brilliance possible. If it is cut within certain parameters, it is called “ideal” cut, meaning that you will get the maximum amount of brilliance and light return because the light reflects off of the facets, both internal and external. Cut can be just as important as size because you can purchase a huge diamond and if the cut is not good, they will not sparkle or shine. If the stones you purchase are graded by a Gemological Institute, do not consider anything less than a good cut, unless the color, clarity and carat weight make it worth your while.

Color is the third of the 4C’s. Color is measured on a letter scale from D to Z. D is colorless and Z is virtually yellow. Buying a D color diamond is very expensive, and they are rare, so it is most commonly accepted to purchase a G through I which appears colorless to most people anyway.

The last of the 4C’s is Clarity. Clarity is measured on a scale from IF to I3. IF means internally flawless and I3 means heavily included. Clarity works the same as color as far as price. IF is very expensive and very rare so most people settle for the middle. It’s most common for people to purchase VS2 through I1 since the inclusions are not normally visible to the naked eye. Of course, every diamond is unique, so it also depends on where the inclusion is. If it’s in the center, you might want to reconsider. But if it’s on the edge it might even by covered by the metal in your setting.

There can be a lot to think about when purchasing your 1 carat diamond stud earrings. The most critical thing to do is to decide what you would like and to be able to do that, read the points above. Once you’re clear about the points above, you are able to very easily locate an ideal stud on the net or in any jewelry store.

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