Look Into The Past Life To Understand The Present

Unresolved issues from the past life can be at the root of the setbacks you experience in your current life. If it seems like you are running into the same wall over and over again then you may want to consider doing a past life regression. A qualified hypnotherapist uses this therapeutic technique to help you recapture memories from your previous lives. Some people want to see who they were previously just for fun of it but others are looking for a reason why they seem to be constantly tripping over the same stumbling blocks in their lives.

Regression therapy was first mentioned in ancient India in the Upanishads. Sometime later, scholar Pantanjali studied and wrote about it extensively. His theory was that as the soul traveled from life to life, it accumulated karma. An exploration of previous lives could reveal wisdom that would prove to be helpful in the current life.

Access to buried memories can be gained a few ways. One way is to visit a hypnotherapist who will put you under hypnosis. While hypnotized, the therapist will ask you a series of questions that reveal who you were in the past. It is a painless procedure. However, many patients reported that the memories were so real it felt like they were living them over again.

The second way to delve into your past is through the use of recorded guided meditations. The audio recordings are designed to guide the patient into a meditative state where they can access their own deep well of memories from previous lives. However, if you are not used to meditating it could take a few tries before you begin experiencing results.

Which type of regression therapy is right for you depends on your experience and comfort level. If you have never done it before and are leery about trying it at home by yourself, then seeing a hypnotherapist may be the best option. On the other hand, if you meditate regularly already or feel no qualms about going into a meditative state then the audio recordings may work just fine for you.

Regression therapy can help you clear out psychic clutter that has been holding you back from the success you have been craving. You’ll see yourself differently and may experience an increase in self confidence. Deep emotional problems, hangups or phobias will seem to ease up and may eventually just fade away. You may also experience an improvement in your general health and well-being.

A lot has been said about this type of therapy and the practice has many skeptics. Often they point out the inability to confirm or deny what the patient saw or they pounce on inaccurate details the patient may give. While regression therapy is not a fail proof technique, it can help you get past mental blocks that may be stumping your emotional and spiritual growth.

Taking a journey into the past life can be very rewarding. It is worth trying at least one time. Who knows it could be the very thing you needed to move forward in your current life.

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