The owner of TikTok has acquired the third largest manufacturer of VR-helmets —Pico

Last week’s rumors were confirmed — the owner of TikTok ByteDance is buying Pico, a manufacturer of autonomous VR headsets. This was reported by CNBC, which was first confirmed by the Chinese publication Neon, noting that the financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.
Bitte Danke, which has achieved huge success with TikTok by investing in VR, may make the first serious competition for Facebook’s Oculus Quest. Companies such as Sony, Valve and HTC produce excellent VR headsets, but they are either tied to more expensive PCs and consoles, or sold exclusively in the corporate market.
According to representatives of ByteDance, the purchase of Pico echoes the company’s mission, and the future of virtual reality technologies inspires the Chinese developer with optimism.

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