The Origin Of Bells And How They Were Developed Many Years Before

Bells have a unique way of touching our imagination and hearts. It doesn’t matter if they are grand chimes ringing from the local church letting us know it’s time to pray or hung on a door to the special restaurant down the street, they have a special and enchanting grasp on what would just be another normal day. We are not the only ones that have been blessed by their sweet sounds.

Bells have been tolled for a very long time. In the middle ages, they were signals to alert danger as well as beautiful musical chimes. Additionally, they are still used for that in certain parts of the world. They had many uses, including magical rituals, prayers and worship. They were also placed on people’s doors to invite blessings on the home.

It was thought that bells could be worn by people in order to fend off evil and to protect bearers from danger and misfortune. Additionally, it was thought that the sounds could invite and bring good spirits closer.

The bells that we are familiar with today evolved from more crude and simple versions of different shapes and sizes. Archeologists have found artifacts in the Middle East that were made from bronze which were shaped like beehives.

Bells that were found in South America were wooden and rectangular shaped, while those found in Asia are square.

The Christian Church started to cast bells as art during the eighth or ninth century. Over the years, artisans discovered that bells that were shaped longer could make a more deep and resonating sound when they were struck.

On the other hand, they learned that if they were cast smaller and thicker, the bell made a more higher pitched sound when they were struck. The familiar bowl shaped bells that are struck from the outside emerged in Europe during the middle ages.

The bells that we see today come from hundreds of years of refinement and trial and error. Today, when large bells are rung, many of them can be heard for miles away.

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