The One Question That Can Triple The Response Of Your Automotive Marketing

Recently, we listened to a 27 hour-long selling seminar recorded back in 2000 that reminded us of a very vital, nevertheless extremely overlooked car dealer marketing strategy that might literally mean the distinction between going into the red and record-breaking sales for your store this year.

At this seminar they were only scratching the surface of this concept… because in 2000 the technology wasn’t as cheap or easily accessible as it is now. However nowadays it’s essential, and if you aren’t doing this one thing, you would like to start out immediately if you wish to get a lot of leads, prospects and referrals coming into your store.

So what are we talking about that can quickly and effectively maximize your dealership’s marketing efforts and ultimately your bottom line?

We’re talking about systematically collecting contact information for each prospect or client that deals with your store.

Most people who market online understand this concept. In fact, it’s how they create a living. However so many small dealers we encounter do not get the ability of this. You wish to be actively creating & using a database. You’re database is GOLD! In fact, it’s more than Gold— it’s like acres of diamonds simply waiting to be mined by somebody who knows the potential of what’s hidden in the world beneath him.

I’d say 50% of dealerships collect contact data when a client buys something…and perhaps 15% do nice job at keeping it current and in a usable state. However the sad part is that solely 2% collect any data from prospects and leads before the sale…that may be a HUGE mistake on the dealer’s part.

The ability is in the follow-up. Yes, it’s nice to have the contact info of customers who purchased from your store to remind them of referral opportunities or future deals…however what about the ability to consistently and often follow up with those inquiring about or maybe considering buying a car from you?

The opportunity is priceless.

But once more, we’re not talking about catching a customer’s contact information on the fly or simply when it involves your attention. No, we’re talking about having a full blown automated system that’s used consistently and without fail to make sure contact data is being collected from leads, prospects and customers 100% of the time.

At the very least you want a prospect’s email address and their permission to send stuff in the future. It is imperative, will quadruple the effectiveness of your promoting and considerably impact your bottom-line. At best, you want full contact information so you mail, email and phone them.

So here’s the massive query…

How does one get all that info?

Easy! You incentivize the exchange. You supply one thing of value in return. And I’m not talking about a magnet or a t-shirt or something that is of worth to YOU. No, this needs to be something of high value to the client if you expect them to fork over the products their personal contact data and actually welcome communication from you in the future.

And let me be perfectly honest in saying that while there might be an initial time or cash investment on your part in making this “item of value”, giving the client something they need in exchange for an email address is a deal HEAVILY skewed in your favor.

That’s because you’ve now got their permission to make relationships and woo them into becoming customers for life. That’s how raving fans are born who advocate and talk regarding you to others. That’s how you get a lot of referrals then you’ll handle and that’s how you’ll be able to harness the power of that every one elusive, best-marketing-on-the-planet-because-it’s-free Word Of Mouth Advertising.

But it all starts with aggressively pursuing and making it a TOP priority to collect the contact info (particularly email) of all the prospects you encounter every day. With email you can market to them free in the long run…and what sort of promoting is best than free?

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