The Nuwave Oven Makes Gourmet Cooking Simple

Microwave ovens became popular in the 1970s because of their many advantages over the conventional oven. You don’t have to preheat a microwave, you can defrost food in it, the cooking time is relatively short, and they are easy to wipe clean. So why is a conventional oven still standard in our homes? Because microwaves don’t brown or crisp food. A whole chicken or a potato cooked in a microwave just isn’t as good as one roasted or baked in the oven. Today the Nuwave oven is gaining popularly because it combines all the convenience of a microwave with all the versatility of a conventional oven and offers additional benefits you don’t get with either. [youtube:Oq8d-fayY1M;[link:Nuwave Oven Review];] The Nuwave oven cooks food efficiently by combining modern infrared technology with the older methods of conduction and convection. With its triple-power source it can grill, roast, broil, bake, steam, barbecue and dehydrate. Infrared energy heats food from the inside and a fan circulates heat around the food to ensure it is evenly cooked.

Using the Nuwave is as simple as using a microwave. Arrange your food on the baking tray, liner pan or cooking rack and replace the clear dome. Consult the laminated easy guide to find recommended times and power levels for cooking common foods from fresh or frozen. Use the buttons on the digital panel to set the program and press start.

Oven cleaning is a chore no one looks forward to, but cleaning the Nuwave is a breeze. The racks and liner pan fit are made of stainless steel and are as easy to wash as the pans you would normally cook with. All the parts that have contact with food fit into the dishwasher. The powerhead can simply be wiped clean.

The Nuwave is a smart choice for those who are energy conscious. Conventional ovens use up gas or electricity while preheating and during cooking they waste heat by radiating it out into your kitchen. The infrared power of the nuwave cooks your food directly and far more efficiently, using much less energy in the process.

People who cook for large families or cater for crowds on special occasions will welcome the addition oven capacity a Nuwave provides. It can put an end to having to prepare large meals in batches. Dessert can be baking in the Nuwave while the main course is cooking in the oven. Singles with limited kitchen space can use the compact Nuwave to replace their conventional oven altogether.

Those who are watching their weight find that cooking with the Nuwave oven helps enormously. Meat is cooked on a rack above the liner pan. The triple cooking process causes most of the fat to drain away. Foods like roast potatoes and crispy fried chicken can be made without any cooking oil. Vegetables can be steamed to perfection without losing their nutrients.

One of the things owners of the Nuwave remark upon the most is how much better their food tastes. With very little time or effort anyone can produce restaurant quality meals, from tender, juicy steaks to perfectly cooked spicy barbecued shrimp. The recipe book included with the Nuwave oven offers a wide range of mouth-watering possibilities.

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