The Need For Clean And Sterilized Medical Equipment

When Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth, all of the president’s doctors were rushed to the scene in order to save the life of their president. The doctors scrutinized the wound in the head closely, and concluded that the president was alive and could survive as long as the bullet would be totally removed from its lodging in the head.

The doctors, of course, performed this exact procedure and were successful in removing the bullet from its lodging in the head of the president. However, we are all aware of the unfortunate outcome, which differed from the original conclusion of the doctors. Today, we are quite aware of the reasons for that outcome.

The doctors were absolutely correct in determining that Abraham Lincoln’s life could possibly be saved were the bullet to be removed from the head. However, they were not aware of the fact that when removing the bullet, the equipment that they used needed to first be sterilized.

Indeed, what ultimately caused the final blow to Abraham Lincoln was not the bullet but, rather, the non-sterilized utensils that shoved thousands of vicious bacteria cells into the depths of his brain.

Today, the damage that bacteria and airborne viruses can cause is known to all, and it can be devastating. As such, hospitals have taken it upon themselves to ensure that both doctors and patients are equipped with bacteria-minimizing equipment as well as sterilized utensils in order to provide safety for all.

Although one would never think it, the tiniest little cotton swab can be deadly if used on multiple patients.

Concordantly, for a physician to provide health care for a patient who is the bearer of a contagious, deathly illness is absolutely horrifying, for it is tantamount to suicide.

When we keep away from harmful germs and bacteria, we are protecting our families, our doctors, our patients, and ourselves.

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