The Natural Healing College In Review

Two of the best natural health schools are looked at in this article. I discuss and compare the strong points of each one. Doing this will give you the information you will need to make a good decision in your search for a natural health school. The colleges are Trinity School of Natural Health and the Natural Healing College.

You will find that the Trinity School of Natural Health has ample natural health courses. Their degree programs, Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Master Iridologist, Certificate in Nutritional Counseling, Certified Health Specialist and an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies are a bit expensive. The Doctor of Naturopathy is $3,495 and the Master Herbalist is $1.645.

Home study courses that are geared towards personal use only are offered at the Trinity School of Natural Health. You will be mailed a course, when you finish it you will mail it back and then you are sent another course. This is very time consuming. There are classes that do not require textbooks, but the ones that do the student is responsible to purchase them.

At the Natural Healing College they teach equivalent medicine practices that are not taught in traditional medical schools. With this natural health approach they use spiritual, metaphysical and religious practices in combination with healing procedures which is what alternative medicine practices are based on.

There is a huge variety of natural health courses at the Natural Healing College. They have a solid degree program with degrees such as Master Herbalist, Master of Holistic Science, Ayurveda Health Practitioner, and the doctorate, Holistic Health Practitioner. The tuition is lower than Trinity’s. Their degrees are $499-998. This cost includes textbooks.

The Natural Healing College teaches positive benefits of healthy nutrition, as well as the various uses for vitamins, minerals, plants and herbs that promote recovery and health.

Because the Natural Healing College has the latest distant learning technology they can offer all their courses online. Tests are also taken online with on the spot results. After graduation the Natural Healing College has a job placement and internship program. The Trinity School of Natural Health does not offer these services.

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