The Motorola Milestone XT720 – Is It Worth Buying?

Motorola has done it again and has achieved another great Milestone! One of the nicest features of the new Motorola Milestone XT720 is that is no longer has a complete QWERTY keypad attached to it. This made its previous model really cumbersome and hard to use. The dimensions of the Milestone XT720 are similar to the model before, but thanks to the missing QWERTY keypad, it is close to 3 millimeters skinnier. Motorola put in a 1390 mAh power supply, so you are looking at getting close to 5 hours of communication time and almost 2 weeks of standby time.

The Motorola Milestone XT720‘s big advantage is its price. It is noticeably cheaper than either the HTC Desire or the Google Nexus One, both of which come with a 1 GHz processor. By comparison, the XT720 comes with a relatively small 550 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. This does not mean the phone is slow however. In terms of processing power and speed, it performs almost every task very well.

Motorola did keep the original Milestone’s 3.7″ 854 x 480 pixel display, so the XT720 does come with one of the best displays around. Its TFT panel is slightly less bright than the OLED display featured on the HTC Desire, but the XT720 does have a higher resolution. There is also a distinct advantage over the OLED screen when you are outside, since the TFT screen of the XT720 is easier to see in natural light.

The Motorola Milestone TX720 features a whopping 8 megapixel digital camera. There is an integrated Xenon flash and several picture taking options. This is one of the biggest changes to the Milestone which makes it a great camera phone for just about anyone. You can also make movies and short videos thanks to its operating software which are easily transferable to any format. You are definitely going to want to take pictures with this phone since your pictures will come out a lot clearer with higher resolution than any other smartphone out on the market.

Motorola uses the Android 2.1 for the XT720’s operating system, which lets the user tap into the impressive array of Android software and the continuously growing Google App marketplace. The high resolution display makes a great venue for web browsing, which is easier with their included, highly efficient browser. Users will not be disappointed with multimedia options either, which include an FM radio and support for a wide range of file types, like WMA, MPEG4, MP3, AMR, and AAC. In addition, the handy 3.5mm audio output allows the user to listen to their favorite tunes with any standard pair of headphones.

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