The Most Memorable Wedding Receptions Are Held At Unique Locations

Those who have planned or are planning a wedding may may find their plans altered by their budget. If you are hoping for a traditional reception, you may be able to come in right on budget, but there are few chances to cut cost. However, if you are open to some creative ideas, and you are willing to handle some of the legwork on your own, there are plenty of ways to save. There are three major components to a wedding reception: the venue, the food and drinks, and the entertainment. Each of these can be basic or can be extremely elaborate. If you want to save money on a personalized experience, you have several options. Start with a unique venue. Most event venues that cater to wedding receptions are going to offer very little flexibility. However, if you choose a place that is slightly out of the ordinary, you will have more flexibility. If you are in Texas, consider one of the creative Dallas event facilities. This can include personal property, farmhouses, and Dallas ranches. You may be surprised to learn that you can have a very elegant reception at a location you may not think of as all that elegant. If you are working with professionals and you are willing to make an effort, you can turn a mundane, utilitarian space into a beautiful, classy space.

Once you decide on your location, take a look at your reception menu. Try to avoid the typical menu choices of a sit down dinner including fish, chicken, or beef. You can include traditional items, of course, but be creative with them. If you and your new spouse love to cook out on the grill, consider a wedding barbecue. If you love Asian cuisine, set up a sushi bar for everyone to enjoy. You can also cook some of your comfort food favorites for the big day.

The important thing is to find an affordable choice that you personalize for your event. If you are looking for ways to cut cost, consider trimming the menu back to only dessert or just appetizers. You can limit beverage items to save as well. Consider serving just beer and soda instead of more elaborate drinks.

Another thing to consider on your wedding list, is entertainment. You might think everyone will have fun no matter what, but you will want to supply your guests with opportunities to relax and mingle.

You can hire an expensive DJ or just put together mixes of your favorite tunes for all to dance to. No matter, how you cut costs, be sure to make your wedding a personal event that your friends and loved ones will love.

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