The Ministry of Finance has found a way to avoid disconnecting the home Internet

Providers will have to replace the subscriber equipment to ensure a stable connection.

Home Internet users will not be left without access to the network. This assurance was made by the director of the Department of State Policy in the field of communications of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Andrey Kantsurov.
Earlier, it was reported that some Russians may be deprived of a fixed wireless connection, since telecom operators are running out of permission from the State Commission on Radio Frequencies to use radio frequencies in a certain range.
“In the near future, there will be a meeting of the SCR, which will consider the issue of extending the decision on the use of radio frequency bands in the 3.5 GHz band,” the ministry said in a statement on its website.
Kantsurov also stressed that already now providers can use other frequencies allocated to them to provide users with access to the world wide web. Operators will need to replace transmitters and other subscriber equipment to avoid communication interruptions.

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