The Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG Rakish Pleasure

Once the pinnacle of Mercedes-Benz’s performance tree, the AMG-fettled CL55 still has the blistering performance and unrivalled manners to reward, whatever your driving mood

Viewed side on its long, tapered profile and pillarless perfection can definitely be called sleek and rakish. Size yourself up in the electrically adjustable chair, and lower the steering wheel just so. Thumb the starter, mounted joystick-like atop the five-speed automatic gear selector, and listen as the 5.5-litre, force-fed V8 burbles into life.

Highway cruising is effortless in a coupe with more torque than a V10 Viper, but wearying on the ears and unbelievably frustrating on the driver. All this performance potential throbbing away just beneath your right foot… and so many police.

Still, find a quiet, twisty back road practically devoid of traffic and let the Benz go ballistic. Attack that back road and revel in the intimacy of its chassis, coaxing your every input to wring maximum attack from every corner.

Depress the Active Body Control button to stiffen the springing resistance and adjust the dampers to significantly reduce tilt, pitch and roll in corners. It’s slight, but you’ll also feel a touch more immediacy surrounding the tiller as you carve gracefully through combination bends.

Overstep any of the bounds with the CL and there’s a veritable supercomputer of safety devices waiting to tidy things up

There’s little the CL55 AMG wants for on the safety or equipment front, and it’s far too long for us to list here.Add features like electronic stability control, brake assist, and passive safety systems; a veritable gluttony of occupant comforts and more.

Take the front seats for example — and you will want to. Heated and ventilated, they adjust for rake, height, reach and tilt. Drive around a corner and the active side bolsters pump up on the correct side to minimise body slip. Press the right button and the lumbar support will inflate and deflate, massaging up and down your overstressed back.

Look closely at the door glass — double glazed to maximise sound deadening and to minimise the effect the outside world has on interior temperatures. Look even closer at the clever way the massive doors are double-hinged, both to minimise effort and to reduce opening width. Rain sensing wipers and automatic headlights are really only the start of the benefits .

For our money — we wish! — the CL has more performance and more hardcore passion than we could ever find a use for. But we’d still like to try!Search Used Volkswagen Cars for Sale Wexford for a car that you would like.

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