The Many Various Types Of Guinea Pig Cages

Before purchasing your guinea pig you should decide on what type of guinea pig cage will best suit you and your lifestyle. Guinea pig cages of many different styles and sizes can be found at local stores or popular pet stores.

Guinea pigs are not known to jump or even try to escape their cage as long as they are happy, healthy and well taken care of. Being a great deal larger than hamster or gerbils, your guinea pig will require different food along with larger food and water bowls. These guys also need a larger cage to help encourage much needed exercise.

If you choose to not cover your cage, the walls of your cage should be at the very least 14 inches tall. This will insure your new found friend can’t escape in the middle of the night. If you need an enclosed cage for protection from other household pets or excited children you can purchase a cage that allows a cover to be added at a later time.

Most cages you will find are made of plastic, wire, or glass, these are easy to clean and provide see through walls in which observing your new friend is made possible. They also should have a removable bottom so the bedding can be changed with ease.

On the floor of your cage, bedding material will need to be laid. This adds not only comfort for your Guinea pigs feet, legs and toes but also allows any accidents to be soaked up, keeping your guinea pig dry and healthy. Bedding also offers material for your guinea pig to burrow and nest in. This is a favorite activity of most guinea pigs and is fun to watch.

The most popular bedding materials consist of pine chips, cedar chips, Yesterdays News cat litter, and wood pellets. All of the above are available in local pet stores. Some people use shredded newspaper clippings underneath the store bought bedding. This is helpful in making clean up a breeze. It is recommended to use hay for the top most layer. Hay can be eaten by your guinea pig and is very soft for them to sleep or burrow in.

An adult guinea pig needs a minimum of 7.5 square feet to live comfortably in its cage. The more space they have the happier they will be. They are also social animals and love being with one or more of their own kind. Be advised if you do choose to purchase more than one guinea pig the minimum size cage needed for two animals jumps to 10.5 square feet.

Any kind of exerciser that is made to accommodate a much smaller animals like hamsters or gerbils are not advised for guinea pigs. The curve of a guineas spine is the exact opposite of the ball or wheels curve causing pain to their toes, legs and feet. The best form of exercise for you guinea pig is either ramps or stairs placed into their existing living space. Various guinea pig cages available for purchase in the store come with non slip ramps pre-installed.

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