The Many Different Kinds Of Hand-Crafted Santa Dolls

The holidays and decorating around the house go hand in hand when Christmas rolls around. Everyone is getting out all their trinkets and hand crafted decorations from over the years. What especially draw the attention are the hand-crafted Santa dolls that you see everywhere. They are so unique that people collect them throughout the year to display.

They are created in many different designs and sizes. Some are a foot tall and stand alone, while others are perfect little knick knacks or ornaments for the tree. They are created with a variety of materials such as wood, ceramic, porcelain, and even cloth materials.

The Santa tradition goes back centuries and goes by many different names. You have Santa Claus, St. Nicholas or St. Nick as some call him; there is Father Christmas, and Papa Noel as well as many other names. No matter what you call him, he represents the same thing in all cultures, the joy and love you find during the holidays. The many different cultures provide a variety of different creations you can find a Santa doll in today.

The dolls represent the many eras and cultures, giving you a variety to choose from. If you like the traditional red suit trimmed in fur, you’ll find many examples of that. But there are also the elegant Victorian dolls with the long gowns and long beards as well the Russian dolls with their heavy rich furs. A St. Nicholas doll is generally dressed almost saintly, with a pointed cap and long white robes and staff in hand. Most cultures have him in gowns, rather than the suit with pants.

No matter the costume, fur is the one thing they all seem to have in common. Fur trimming their gowns and coats in colors from white and ivory to blends of browns. White, red, and green are the main colors used, but you’ll find them in a variety of different shades. Some stick with a grandfather look and spectacles, while others prefer to make him a tall regal man. All seem to have one kind of beard or another, either full or long and flowing.

The dolls hand crafted today come in a variety of poses also. No matter your decorating style, you’ll find the perfect doll to go with it. There are dolls that stand beside a tree, with a sack of toys at his feet, holding a candle, even waving at you. Sitting Santas are also popular, depicting him on his sleigh or in a rocking chair going over his list. You could even choose a Russian Santa sitting on a bear that pulls his sleigh. The creativity is endless with crafters and how they portray the Santa in their mind.

Hand-crafted Santa dolls come in such a wide variety of styles, colors, costumes, and creativity, that you may find it hard to choose one. Whether your decorating style is Old World or Fantasy, you’ll find a Santa to fit every corner of your home. These dolls are perfect touches, no matter how simple or elaborate your decorating may go during the seasons.

Hand-crafted Santa Dolls

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