The Main Types Of Locking Cat Flaps – Choose The Best For Your Adventurous Pet!

All cat owners know how adorable and mysterious their feline friends are. Cats are not just fluffy pets – they are also true predators who like going out and hunting, socializing, climbing trees, running in the tall grass or sunbathing lazily in your backyard. If your neighborhood is quiet and safe for your kitty, don’t deny her the independence she deserves – allow her to be a true feline and enjoy her favorite outdoor activities!

The first thing you need for implementing this ‘cat independence project’ is a cat flap. This little pet door will allow your cat to circulate freely without disturbing your work or your sleep so you would open the door for her.

There is such a wide variety of cat flaps available on the online market! Different models, materials and sizes – some are simple swinging panels, some are weather proof, others have locking systems… Which is the best one and which will suit best your home and your kitty? In order to answer this question, let’s analyze the main operating systems.

The simplest and cheapest one is the hinged cat door that swings in and out whenever pushed by the pet. While it provides freedom and independence for your kitty, it doesn’t protect your home from little unwanted visitors – other cats, small dogs, squirrels or raccoons.

Do you want to shelter all these visitors? I’m sure you don’t! In this case, you have the option of choosing between three types of ‘intelligent’ cat flaps with locking systems – magnetic, infrared and microchip activated.

Let’s see how the magnetic cat flap operates. In order to open, this pet door needs to receive the signal from the magnet that your cat is wearing on her collar. Otherwise, the flap will stay securely locked. The downside of this system is the fact that many cats are often losing their collars. If this happens, you’ll have to buy a new collar and a new transmitter.

Just like the magnetic model, the infrared cat flap has a locking system that can be opened by an infrared key attached to your cat’s collar. If you have 2 or more cats, buy a key for each of them, making sure that all the keys have the same color.

If more people from your neighborhood have infrared cat flaps installed, you have to buy infrared keys that have a different color. Otherwise, all the cats with a transmitter on their collar will be able to enter your house!

If your pet doesn’t like to be collared, then you should consider installing a microchip cat flap. The most difficult thing you have to do when acquiring such a model is planting the microchip on your cat’s body. Don’t forget to consult with the vet before purchasing the flap – he might have useful suggestions! Thanks to this cat door, you won’t have to worry about your kitty losing the collar or even worse – the collar being stolen by thieves. The microchip flap has another advantage: being the most ‘intelligent’ model of cat flaps, it can be programmed to recognize all your pets – cats and dogs – up to 32 individuals!

These three types of cat flaps have several benefits. First of all, their locking system will protect your home from uninvited visitors. This way, your house will become more secure not just for you, but also for your pet. At the same time, your cat will have all the freedom she needs, without bothering you to open the door for her every time she wants to go out and enjoy the sunshine.

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