The lucid dream guide is for the amateurs and it undertakes to guide these people in the ways of lucid dreaming, where a person can dream, fully conscious of the fact that he/is actually in the realm of dreams.

Of course, there are the usual beginners FAQs for those who wish to take up the lucid dream guide. You have to know what exactly lucid dream is or how does it happen or is there any induction process to bring forth lucid dreams or not. You may also want to know if there are any sort of fear if you go on with this process or if there are any tips to overcome the fear, the myths on lucid dreams if any and any other details.

In a lucid dream guide you will be able to find out about the process. Why would a thing like this become so popular? Think about someone who passes into the layers of dreams being fully awake and with being perfectly conscious about what is happening. He can actually feel that he is in a world of dreams and can do whatever he feels like in that dream. Is not the feeling enough that in your dreams you can do anything, satisfy all your pleasures virtually without changing anything in the real world? This is the core reason for the demand of a lucid dream guide.

A lucid dream guide should guide you about how to go about so that the phenomenon is induced in to you. One of the basic preparations you should take up is regular habit of meditation. Meditation is the only process that builds you up, take control of the subconscious mind and then try to make the body drop in to a slumber, but having the mind wide awake and alert.

Let’s have a look at the processes. You will have to lie down in dimly lit room. The atmosphere should be tranquil and your clothing should be comfortable. The idea is to relax and fall asleep having the mind focused and awake. You have to visualize that you are levitating from your body. Think of some props like ropes that you are climbing to get out of your body. Thus you may pass in to the sphere of dreams in a conscious manner being awake in your mind.

Nightmares are the only drawbacks that can happen in lucid dreaming where some unknown monsters and creatures can get into your dream, trying to get at you. The main problem lies in maintaining the lucidity of the dream. People may find their control slowly fading away and the dream setting taking a turn. Thus the person who is dreaming may suddenly wake up, after losing his lucidity.

A lucid dream guide would fail miserably if it fails to underline the main weapons to overcome problems regarding its practice. These two tools are therefore those of, dream spinning, where the dreamer has to rotate, standing on one place, and also verbal affirmations where the person has to constantly tell and urge himself to dream exactly what he wants. By using these two techniques a person can change the setting of his dreams from even a nightmarish situation.

Last but not the least, the lucid dream guide should also educate the reader about the myths that surrounds this practice. Many people call this idea of lucid dreaming a way to escape from the harsh realities of life. But there are counter arguments to this also, where people say that even the act of reading a book takes a person away from reality to another world, and lucid dreaming cannot be put under the same category because it does not lead to any wastage of time as it occurs at a time when a person is sleeping or rather, dreaming.

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