Peerless guitars are an established name within the music business. The fine range of acoustic archtop guitars have been manufactured for over 40 years. It is a testament to the excellent quality of these instruments that musicians such as James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers and Dominic Greensmith of Reef have chosen to play them at their sell out gigs all over the world, so the guitar gets a lot of exposure!

Peerless guitars have been strongly influenced by the classic American guitars such as Fender and Gretch. The workmanship that has gone into producing the high-spec Peerless guitars makes them stand out among the competition and a favourite of many guitarists all over the world.

Among the outstanding range of Peerless instruments is the Jazz City, a guitar which bears some resemblance to the American classics produced during the mid 20th century. Guitar officiants have been stunned by the amazing sound quality of the Jazz City.

Peerless guitars are a great option for anybody considering purchasing their first guitar. The Imperial, one of the most renowned guitars in the Peerless range, can be bought for the amazingly low price of 1500. Another tempting offer comes in the form of the classic Gretch, complete with Rockabilly style semis, currently selling for under 500. Parents should not be surprised to find a Peerless guitar on the present wish list this Christmas.

Peerless guitars are constructed by expert craftsmen at the companies own factory. No work is outsourced to third party manufacturers. All of the Peerless guitars go through a rigorous testing procedure before they put up for sale. No matter whether you’re seeking a hardcore rock guitar to rock out with, or a smooth jazz guitar, Peerless have a guitar for you!

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