The Lip Reading Program FOR THE Active Executive

Deafness in her left ear left this woman expectant of hearing mumbles from time to time. The fact that it seemed almost everyone was muttering finally motivated her to look for help. She eventually enrolled in the mouth lip reading program of the Central Institute for the Deaf, becoming one of the first to do so. Older executives may enroll in this program if they are still active in the workplace and are already coping with hearing loss at their ages.

Getting older reduces our ability to translate sounds, says an audiologist working with lip reading program. Through this program, this woman was able to get preventive maintenance. Spoken language is a crucial factor in the careers of most people. Only four students at most are in a class and the class would usually last for an hour a week in a span of four weeks.

In order to reinforce lip reading skills, videos are given to the participants to be watched. They attempt to figure out the exact words mouthed by a woman who shows no expressions. Sometimes, they imitate the woman in the way she forms the words. Sentence rephrases and one word clues are made available to those who can’t understand what is being mouthed. Reading lips would be easier when you employ these tricks.

Age related hearing loss, known as presbycusis occurs as a part of the inner ear slowly loses its ability to transmit certain sounds such as the letters S, T or F. People lose the high pitched sounds first. Mumbling people onscreen is the first thing they’ll complain of when they watch TV. Although hearing aids can intensify sounds, they are not of much help to those suffering presbycusis.

It proves to be a problem during situations that call for a lot of noise, such as a party. Feeling that younger colleagues have it better than them, they start feeling depressed and just want to be alone.

Society is getting filled up with more and more noise. Even young ones are not spared from hearing loss because of the constant amount of noise surround us. Millions of Americans in the United States are suffering from some form of hearing impairment, making it the number one disability. Around one in four adults will be hearing impaired permanently by the time he reaches 66.

A happier life for people through the word of mouth program is the goal of the institute. Focused communication training has made people feel that they are young and sharp again. Constant lip reading practice with friends and colleagues is encouraged for those participating in the program. Some even spend time watching TV without the volume.

Lip reading is not something they can learn perfectly in just four weeks. It will dawn on them that they should find other ways to compensate for their hearing loss aside from just lip reading. It is in the second half of the class that hearing strategies are taught.

Reserving a front row seat for a seminar can be done, for example. Your reservation could just be mistaken as being done because of your importance. These institutes seek to provide accomodations for people all over the United States, even to the point of providing weekend sessions.

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