Asian gardening style is often regarded as the most beautiful of all. It is not without basis. The tropical weather in most of these countries naturally puts the culture closer to plants. It also helps that Asians have always been drawn to the minimalist look. They have been masters of using the natural landscape as the basis of their surroundings. Specifically, the Japanese garden way is the one thing that I have always loved to use as a pattern for my own garden.

If you are looking at your garden as a venue to entertain guests, you should think of getting shade sails. It is made with your comfort in mind. It is easy to set and take down and the abundance of colors and styles can add some spike in your garden.

The Pathway The pathways from one area to another should be finished with rough stones. Don’t make it refined. Let some grass grow. Just be careful about those weeds. I recommend using MSMA crabgrass killer if you are to encounter some problems with weed. It is effective and affordable.

Trees There are a lot of trees in Asian countries that will not thrive in the West simply because of the weather. Japanese is big on Maples. There will always be substitutes when it comes to trees and flowers as long as it gives you the vibrant color of Japanese flowers and plants, it will definitely bring you close to the authentic Japanese experience.

Wood Cabanas should be kept at its most basic. Wood in its natural color should be kept that way for as long as you can help it. It is okay to put tables but keep it low and put a lot of pillows. The covers for your pillows should also reflect the Japanese culture. That is one thing that is fascinating about their culture. They don’t do anything without a reason. Prints on their sheets will always say a story.

Bamboo Be generous in the use of bamboo. It is one wood that is very abundant in Asia and will most likely remain abundant because it is not hard to grow. They just cut it and it grows back again.

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