The iPhone will not be the same as before: it’s time to say goodbye to bangs

New data have appeared that indicate that Apple is testing a prototype of the iPhone 13, devoid of famous bangs big cutout in the upper part of the screen, where the speaker and the system front facing cameras.
If the test results satisfy Apple, then the iPhone 13 and all subsequent iPhones will lose this cutout. In the era of the pandemic, when everyone has to wear a mask, using Face ID facial recognition technology has become inconvenient. Numerous sources report that the iPhone 13 will most likely use a sub-screen fingerprint scanner, which will be a convenient alternative to face recognition for biometric authentication.
Earlier, there were rumors that this year Apple smartphones will receive a reduced cutout, and the manufacturer will completely abandon it no earlier than next year.
Recall that Apple has been using the design with bangs since 2017, when the iPhone X appeared on the market.

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