The IPhone 4 – Too Expensive Or Worth Its Price?

The most talked about recent smart phone, the iPhone 4 is an improvement from the past three versions of the iPhone from Apple. Apple has renovated its design, bringing out a purely beautiful and sleek design. With flat and thinner than ever body and corners which have been perfectly radiused the phone has a shape that sounds out. Add to it, the steel buttons and mute toggles. The glass front and black panel brings glamour to the device, though may confuse you as to which is the front side and which is the back side. A steel band with satin finish is like the cherry on the cake. Furthermore, this steel band notched into three parts, also plays the role of an antenna.

The phone features a large 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen which is simply awesome. It has a resolution of 640 X 960 and supports 16 million colors. The screen is marketed by the name Retina by Apple and is the best display that one may find in the GSM phones. The Retina produces vibrant colors and high quality images and also has superb sunlight legibility.

The camera has a 5x optical zoom. Tap to zoom feature is applicable during video recording also. However microphone is not well positioned and user tends’ to lose volume. The battery of the phone is good for 7hours on 3G talk time.

The phone uses the ions software. This enables it to fast task switching, multitasking, home screen folders. It also has spell checking and support for Bluetooth keyboard. Unified email and message threads integrate user with the outer world.

The iPhone 4 also supports video calling through a new feature known as FaceTime. It is easy to use and the quality is excellent – however you must be in a Wi-Fi area and it is only possible between two iPhone 4s. To sum up we will say that iPhone 4 is one of the best smart phones in the market today but may not suit everyone’s pocket.

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