The Importance Of Internet Backup: 5 Reasons Why You Need An Online Backup System

My job requires me to travel 50% of the time. I visit other branches and do business transactions with our sister companies in different cities. One of my biggest challenges with this set-up is that I can’t easily get hold of my files when I’m in other locations. Although I have a personal laptop, I find it risky to store important files with sensitive information here. Our company also allowed me remote access to my office PC through private intranet. However, there are times when I get data errors when doing major transfers. Fortunately, there is the online backup system that gave us the solution to my filing concerns.

Most of the time, the important documents need to be filed and sent right away. This becomes a problem when I have limited or slow access to the private files. With the help of the internet backup system, I was able to easily file my documents fast and easy. Security is also guaranteed through personal codes and passwords required by the system.

Some of my colleagues actually use the internet backup system and online backup system as their way to save and store their files. There are five good reasons why I recommend that you take advantage of it too:

1. The internet backup system and online backup system can securely synchronize all of the folders between locations, regardless of distance. I can also setup daily, weekly or monthly activities with the help of the automated file transfer, which is a simple, wizard-based software that is included in the internet backup system.

2. Through the internet backup system, you have the option to customize branding and site graphics on your home page. The system offers complete site branding that includes a help file on all file pages of your account. The system also uses a dedicated server and a storage hardware which makes all processes go smoothly. Other features include advanced branding, and system email content customization.

3. Using the internet backup system is also very simple. I can securely collaborate my files and folders of any size. I can also set permissions on my folders basing on the access levels. Its also convenient to label them through additional comments. Lastly, I can receive tracking and alert notifications to confirm any of my file transfers.

4. There are other fun things that can be done through the online backup system such as audio file streaming, watching videos, playing flash movies, and even viewing your personal files online, anytime.

5. With the internet backup system and online backup system, uploading and downloading files are made simpler and more reliable through the use of drag-and-drop functions. Best of all, the systems work well with all kinds of web browsers and applications like Windows, Mac or Linux. If you spend more time working on the field, away from your office PC, I can assure you that having this system will make your job twice easier.

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