DNA, DNA banking, biological samples: words that a while ago had an esoteric meaning have become today an important part of our vocabulary and a part of our daily life. Everyone knows now that this precious item is the most significant element of life. It is a nucleic acid which contains all the necessary genetic information, a molecule indispensable for the functioning and development of all known living organisms or certain viruses. It is the carrier of hereditary data.

Nowadays, preserving it is gaining popularity among people all over the world. The reasons why an individual would want to have his molecules preserved vary. It could be trivial reasons, like establishing a family tree. Medical aspects are the most notable among those who have their DNA stored in a special bank. A specific health condition or diseases with a genetic cause will also play an important role when deciding to store it.

A rare disease has a prevalence inferior to 1 person from 2000. There are over 6000 rare diseases, most of them being genetic. To discover pathologies and develop efficient cures, it is necessary to discover the genes involved in the disease. The map of human genome has the answer and numerous genes related to these diseases have already been identified. All this was made possible with the help of these special banks. This is actually an organization in which the molecule samples of a certain individual are stored, preserved and identified.

When deciding to have DNA stored in a bank, the individual must research attentively, read books or articles related to the subject, and only after to choose the bank that complies with his needs. Contacting your health care provider or a professional genetic organization might be a good idea.

Other important factors that should be taken into account when storing this precious item in a bank are the storage methods of samples (freezing is usually preferred as it is the less complicated), the amount of time the item is to be preserved and respecting the confidentiality agreement.

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