The History Of Trousers Wearing For Women

Women rights refer to the social and human rights of women. From the involvement of women in the suppression of their movements, they became aware of male dominance and oppression. So, women started struggling for equality; wearing trousers was one of the steps in the race of equality.

Although trousers for women did not become fashion items until later in the 20th century, women began wearing men trousers for outdoor work a hundred years earlier. In the 1960s, Andre Courreges introduced trousers for women as a fashion item, leading to the era of the pantsuit and designer jeans and the gradual eroding of the prohibitions against girls and women wearing trousers in schools, the workplace, and fine restaurants.

Women were initially seen wearing long dresses and skirts throughout the world, obviously more in the western world. Although women did start wearing pants in the late 19th century but they did not have any specific designer. They used to make pants on their own. Women started getting a bit exhausted with wearing the same outfit designs such as long skirts, corsets and petticoats. They did not find any attraction with the same cuts and designs and wanted to try something new and different.

Therefore, pants became highly popular as soon as they hit the market. Though trousers were considered as a masculine dress and women initially hesitated wearing them, but in a little time, women started giving them more preference than any other dress. Trousers were easier to wear. You could even wear them on formal occasions by accessorizing them with the right stuff.

It was in the 1950s – 1960s that Andre Courreges started manufacturing long pants and trousers for women. It became a fashion item, and women of all ages started wearing trousers. Various types of pants and long trousers were introduced, and women started wearing them to a number of different places such as schools, parties, work and restaurants.

On the contrary, the women of the American west started wearing the riding breeches in the 19th century while working. Similarly, by the start of the 20th century, working women started wearing the trousers quite often.

However, the trouser gained popularity and they became very common, and were worn by women during the period of World War Two. When their men were sent to fight in the war, these women started wearing the dresses of their men as they were more practical for working. The other reason was that they wanted to save their clothing allowance for use for other purposes. Therefore, they started wearing the trousers of their men.

Still the major fame and acceptance of the trousers for women came in the 1960’s when trousers for women were introduced by Andr Courrges. Since then, trousers are a necessary part of every western woman’s wardrobe.

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