The History Of The Paragon Hotel

The great Paragon Hotel is a Grade II listed building, built by Lord Rowton in 1903. The building has always represented the stunning Victorian Gothic architecture. Lord Rowton was a wealthy British, who had great love for humanity. He had also served as a diplomat under the Benjamin Disraeli. He used his wealth for the welfare of people.

The hotel management has put in a lot of hard work to ensure that the hotel retains its original overwhelming look. Inside the hotel also, you will notice that the former glory has been kept intact along with modern day amenities. The Paragon Hotel can be easily reached from Birmingham airport and from M42/M6/M40. For travellers on a budget, the Paragon Hotel would be an ideal place to stay.

The building that is now a popular, grand hotel, previously used to be a hostel meant for men who were going through hard times. Issues such as unemployment or debt were commonly the cause of these bad times for such men. The building played a role as a sanctuary, and was a respectable place developed to help those in need. The main objective was to help such men get back on their own feet, and attain employment.

Rowton House in Birmingham was able to accommodate a large number of people: 800 men. All the essential facilities were provided to help working men and to aid them in leaving inferior housing and dirty conditions of the lodging houses that had a notorious reputation.

The men had to pay sixpence a day to get their own bed within a separate cubicle. This expense included the house fare, mattress fare and all bedding. They were also provided with hot and cold water. The building had a dining hall that used to offer cheap meals. The building also had a reading room, a separate smoking room, and laundries with all time washing and drying facilities.

The Paragon hotel, previously known as Rowton house, had a complex that offered all the basic facilities of life. Here, you could typically find tailor, barber and a shoemaker. The building administration kept complete record of the inhabitants and provided them with their secure lockers.

This hostel was later on refurbished and transformed into a huge hotel.

The Paragon Hotel has transformed into a Grade II listed building nowadays. It is situated at only a walking distance from the city centre. Facilities for conferences and seminars are provided, and reasonably priced accommodation can be attained. One can gain easy access to central Birmingham and the motorway network. The building has gone through a recent renovation and refurbishing. It now has 250 rooms that have been developed to blend in with the architecture of the building that was already present.

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