The History Of Outboard Motors

Outboard motors on boats were developed as a self-contained unit consisting of a propeller and engine system. These motors are mounted at the stern (the rear) of the boat and are usually used to propel small boats. This placement provides steering controls and is designed to pivot and direct the orientation of the propeller.

The propeller, acting as a rudder, provides the power; while the transmission leg stays in the water. If a boat is entering shallow water or about to be taken out of the water, then the outboard motor should be tipped forward over the mount to take the transmission shaft and propeller out of the water. This will avoid getting too much seaweed tangled around the propeller or hitting rocks that could possibly damage the motor.

As for the history of the outboard motor, a Norwegian-American inventor named Ole Evinrude created the outboard motor in 1909. Most outboard engines are two-stroke engines because they are so simple and have reliability. These engines are low in cost and have high power-to-weight ratios. It is important that you watch the weight, especially weight that is near the stern. If you don’t watch the distribution of weight, then boats will impede their handling.

However, the two-stoke cycle engine has high emissions and causes some environmental concerns, which have added to the cost of the development of the technology. These concerns have led some people to tend to go to the four-stroke cycle outboard motors, which have meet all expectations based upon their emissions standards and fuel consumption. These motors are more cost-effective both in initial price and long-term usage. Though, weight issues are more important in a four-stroke cycle engine, so special attention has to be given to what exactly is on the boat and where it is located.

Some companies that produce outboard motors include Mercury, Briggs and Stratton, Evinrude, Johnson, Honda, Yamaha, Mariner, Nissan, Suzuki, OMC and there are plenty other smaller and less known companies that make them as well. You can purchase an outboard motor online at a variety of websites and can purchase parts for most brands if necessary. There are hundreds of different dealers that are located online that guarantee an outboard motor that will work for your boat; one that will add some quality to your boating or fishing experiences.

Since most boats using outboard motors have to be small, they are not used for much larger expeditions outside of lakes or calm waters, so many boaters with these motors primarily use their boats on lakes. These motors are convenient to have instead of having to constantly paddle, though paddles should always be located on-board just in case you have motor difficulties or if it overheats. It is always best to have a back-up plan with paddles instead of getting stuck on a lake with no way to get back.

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