The History Of Glass And Its Progression In Modern Windows In The Home And Office

The history of glass windows has a somewhat prestigious past due to the Romans beginning the use in 100 AD for villas or buildings of the prestigious. Glass that was produced by Romans has a recorded history of being found in the Mediterranean and across Europe as well as in China. In the eleventh century some German Craftsmen found that by producing smaller flatter pieces of glass they could create designs by putting the glass pieces together with lead, which was the beginning of stained glass.

Over the centuries glass became available by the use of machines to form bottles, vases and small decorative items until 1914 when a gentleman residing in Belgium by the name of Fourcault founded a discovery that would allow him to make a continuous sheet of glass in a tank.

A tank furnace replaced the pot furnace at the end of the Industrial revolution. The tank furnace was used to progressively produce massive amounts of molten glass. Following Fourcaults ideas were those of an American by the name of Colburn who drew off and improved the process of another way to produce sheet glass.

His design was later adapted into the Libby Owens company as well as the Pittsburgh process that utilized both Fourcault and Colburns systems in 1928 to design a better system, which continues to be in use today. The end of the Victorian era when glass was being machine made was less expensive and more accessible.

In 1851 the Great Exhibition had on display the Crystal Palace a structure completely made from glass. The crystal palace encouraged home owners everywhere to begin using glass windows for replacing the sheets of wood previously used as protection against the elements.

The history of glass windows has taken many turns throughout the years from thick small pieces, stained glass and thin easily breakable pieces to the new as well as popular construction of Plexiglas. Plexiglas is the choice for many when it comes to new or replacement windows, however, many of the older homes continue to have the thin glass mounted in wooden frames.

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