The Growing Realm Of Paintball Clothing

Paintball has grown to be an international sport. Within its lifetime it has seen many ups, and declines, but that’s not to say the sport is losing steam. Paintball is still finding its format – something that has been an ongoing process for a decade or so. This is just a sign that the sport is still relatively new, and once it finds the perfect formats that meets players needs across the world, we can expect media and attention to follow.

With so many formats ranging from woods to speedball having been developed in the past, and still alive today, players have an unusual opportunity to play paintball in the way they like best. They also have even more of an opportunity to customize their marker, gear, and even their clothing style to an extensive level.

Skull caps, headbands, jerseys, gloves, and pants are all clothes that have been customized for paintball play. If you’ve ever browsed through paintball clothing, then you’ve probably noticed the copious amount of detail and thought that goes into every clothing item. It’s simply amazing how functional a pair of paintball pants has become today.

Pants today have built in pockets for all of your accessories. There’s a pocket for your barrel swab, a pocket for your allen keys, and even a pocket for your barrel sock. Aside from the handy pockets is a number of built in padding for your knees, hips, and thighs, to give you extra support for sliding and aggressive play. Jerseys, gloves, and paintball shoes are no different – all have been cleverly designed for paintball play.

Experienced players see the wide range of benefits quality paintball clothing can provide. They recognize how a good pair of paintball pants can both keep them cool and protected, and a decent jersey can likewise. Not only can they keep you in the game longer by contributing to the bounce-factor of a paintball, but also cooler, and protected.

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