The government has created a working group to study the program for implanting microchips in the brain — ” Kommersant»

The cost of the program is estimated at 54 billion rubles.

The new federal program “Brain, Health, Intelligence, Innovation for 2021-2029” was developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) together with Lomonosov Moscow State University and approved by Vladimir Putin. This is written by “Kommersant”.
It is focused on the development of “brain-computer” technologies that allow implanting microcomputers in the human brain for direct data transmission from external devices. A working group was created to study it. The Ministry of Education and Science said that the project is “in the initial stage of development”.
The program involves the development of software and hardware systems that allow you to control external devices directly using electrical signals from the brain, which are transformed into control commands using artificial intelligence technologies.
Within the framework of the program, interfaces will be developed that provide “independent formation of goals, assessment of situations, forecasting of their development and decision-making” – this will enable people to work in inaccessible places with high radiation, space.
It is also planned to create interfaces for controlling complex systems, for example, aircraft, nuclear power plants, cars, both directly and remotely, “according to the principle of remote presence, avatar”.

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