Have you ever used shower filters in your home? If you are wondering why you want shower filters, then the reason is chlorine is added to the water to keep it clean. When this chlorine comes through our showers, and contacts us, we get several problems including irritation of skin, bad hair, rashes, and even cancer of various forms. Because of this reason, we require shower filters in our home. But all shower filters do not work well. Chlorine shower filter is the perfect one, that helps in fighting against the harmful effects of chlorine.

You might be thinking what the benefits of vitamin C shower filters are. Here are some benefits:

� Your water is chlorine free. So you can enjoy the freshness of chemical free water. � The possibilities of bladder and rectal cancer are reduced as chemicals are removed from the shower water. � You are not disturbed by that annoying itch anymore. Sometimes, even after taking bath, you will feel itchy. With Vitashower shower filters, you won’t feel itchy. � With the power of vitamin C, your skin will look and feel healthier. You will notice smoother and better skin. � You will also notice that your hair will become softer and healthy. Since chlorine is not good for your hair. If you want to check, then go and take bath in a pool. � These shower filters are even perfect for people having colored hair. These shower filters are good for colored hair because they require extra protection.

The Vitamin c used in these shower filters is of pharmaceutical grades, so of good quality. When Vitamin C adds to Chlorine, it forms a harmless compound. Hence the water that reaches you is completely safe and chlorine free. After all the 250 g of Vitamin C of one cartridge is utilized, you can change it. About a gram is needed to clean 100 gallons of water.

You might not know this, but vitamin C is the best option for dechlorination. The main important thing is that these shower filters are very easy to manage and does not require extra protection. Enjoy regular and healthy showers by screwing it into place. You can enjoy a healthy shower filter cartridge for approximately 10 months and after it you have to replace the cartridge. These shower filters can be fitted very easily and your own showerhead can also work on that.

If you are looking forward to a healthy living, you may go for these showerheads.

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