The concept of giving gifts is one thing that has been practiced for long and can never go out of fashion. All of us have gifted or received the usual gift possibilities like flowers, chocolates, scents and many more. Nevertheless, in case you are attempting to pick something different, why not give some funny gifts this time around. There are various amusing gift selections that may help you make the receiver go in to splits.

When talking about classic presents of hilarity, nothing quite beats the old ‘farting slippers’. True to its name, these slippers make sounds very similar to farts while you are walking in them. And, since they are as regular in appearance as any of their normal counterparts, the recipient may not be able to recognize it as a gag gift at 1st. Gift them to your buddy on his birthday and make him walk around a bit in them. The party is bound to become a laughter fest.

How about a swine flu survival kit as a present? It’s a recognized fact that swine flu is on the rise. Though all of us have our protective measures in place, there are a handful of who fear the disease totally. If you know someone who may go bonkers at the very thought of swine flu, then the swine flu survival kit could be a brilliant thought. Pack it in a fancy cover and give it to someone to see the most scared expression ever.

Gift a holy toast. This gift is the best alternative for any of your religious friend or relative. This present basically comprises of a slice of bread having an engraved image of Virgin Mary on it. Just invite the pious relative of yours for a breakfast and serve him/her a holy toast. You are absolutely certain to roll out laughing seeing the expression on their face.

Another interesting gift idea is to give The Stay in Love Forever Spray. Gift it to a couple who’re always at loggerheads and can be seen battling every now and then. You could gift it as a scent for the recipient to spray it. You get to perform your noble deed and the receiver is assured to fall in love with his/her other half all over again.

Though exciting presents could make you laugh, many believe that such gifts are complete wastage of money. If you wish to invest in a few meaningful presents, you may consider gifting effective anti acne products like Zenmed Derma Cleanse System.

Gifting fun gifts may help you bring down stress levels of the receiver to a brilliant extent. So, wait no more. Just gift one of the given presents and you’re all set to make the recipient delighted and smiling.

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