The Five Best Skateboards On The Market Today

There are a lot of companies coming out of the woods and creating skateboarding boards. The trick is to know who you can trust and not get ripped off. As a longtime skateboarding freak I have had the chance to ride a lot of different skateboards so I decided to put together my top five list of skateboarding boards companies and I’ll let you choose which board is right for you. Not all skateboards are the same and if you are new to the sport then this list will get you going in the right direction.

Skateboarding Boards Top 5

These aren’t placed in any special order so I decided to start with one of my favorites, Element.

Element Skateboards When you talk about skateboarding boards you have to mention Element. An older very established compnay they earn the right to be my first honorable mention. While they did have some problems a while back they came through with shining colors partly due to a guy by the name of Bam Margera. This gave the company credibility again and gave them the resources to do the research necessary to put out some great boards. If you are looking for a 7 ply board you can try their Thriftwood. This board is strong and really takes a beating. They have some new lightweight boards that aren’t light on the wallet but they are light on the concrete.

Zero Skateboards Zero puts out a great board with some crazy graphics. If you’re into skulls then this is the board you will want to check out. With guys like Chris Cole and Jamie Thomas on board you know they have good stuff. The lower end boards are still high quality and the upper end skateboards are still high priced but worth it. Get a nice set of wheels and you are all set.

Plan B Skateboards Plan B is one of the newer skateboarding boards company to hit the pavement and they deserve an honorable mention here because they really do make a nice board. They have a basic 7 ply construction that is nothing special except for the quality of the construction. They will take a real beating and still hold up well. If you are gonna hit the streets hard then this board should give you everything you’re looking for and then some.

Powell Skateboards Powell skateboards is another well established company with a good reputation. If you are using a Powell then you are using an excellent board. Form a novice to a pro you can expect to get great results and long life out of these skateboarding boards. The paint could be better but if you can look beyond that then you should be happy with this board.

Birdhouse Skateboards Other than the name Birdhouse it is a great board. You know they gotta be if Tony Hawk is involved. For me they rank right up there with Element and for many they are number one. If you are looking to get some air and land without worrying then Birdhouse will show you the way. With their new Black 6 technology you can rest assured they you are getting the top of the line skateboarding board.

There you have it, my top five skateboarding boards. Choosing a board you like is a very personal decision. There are things you will like with one skateboard and something else you will like with another. The trick is to find one that has most of what you like and then stick with it.

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