The first week of the trial of Epic Games against Apple: comparing the iPhone with consoles, Fortnite revenue and special conditions for Netflix

At the first meetings, much became known about the relationship of the companies and the key accusations of Apple’s monopoly on iOS.

On May 3, the trial in the case of Epic Games against Apple began: the developer opposes the rules and the commission of 30% in the App Store. The company is demanding that Apple open up iOS and allow developers to use alternative solutions.
Epic Games claims that Apple lures developers and users into the” blooming garden ” — the iOS ecosystem, and then uses control over it to create a non-competitive environment.
For example, it inflates the commission and creates unfair rules for competitors in the App Store, which means that it blocks users from switching to other services.
The company went to court after its game Fortnite was removed from the App Store due to the introduction of its own payment system Epic into the game-it worked around the App Store and did not deduct Apple a commission. Apple considered this a violation of the store’s rules.
The trial will last about three weeks and may change the way app stores work and their relationships with developers, the WSJ writes.
During the meetings, financial documents are published and the plans of both the participants in the dispute and the witnesses, including Microsoft and Nvidia, are disclosed.
For example, Epic Games first disclosed the revenue of Fortnite, Microsoft complained about the problems of game services and explained the difference between the iPhone and Xbox, and Apple documents found references to special conditions that the company wanted to give Netflix and gave Hulu.

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