The Fact Behind The Natural Menopause Treatment For Hot Flashes

The search for a menopause relief is one of the most commonly spotted issues perimenopausal women present to their doctors – in fact, it is more than any other request for natural menopause treatments. It really does not matter if symptoms of menopause are due to an endometrial ablation, induced menopause due to vaginal hysterectomy, or skipped periods associated with premature ovarian failure, the reality tells that menstrual migraines, an overactive bladder, and even mood swings pale in severity and impact when compared to the unrest, frustration and discomfort rooted in the most vexing of all symptoms of hormonal imbalance: hot flashes.

Obviously those who have never been faced with menopause hot flashes that come as the result of a lack of natural progesterone estrogen will surely not understand the severity of discomfort for these early symptoms of menopause forces upon women:

* Menopause hot flashes not only cause feelings of hotness or coldness but also result in embarrassing sweating episodes that might leave you with dark circles under your arms and in your back.

* Hot flash fatigue quite frequently accompanies the body’s ability to properly regulate its own temperature.

* Night sweats would surely rob you of your ability to have a good night’s sleep.

* Light headedness as well as nausea and diarrhea may be experienced at the same time with hot flashes menopause.

In earlier times, women searched for help with menopause hot flashes from the most commonly applied menopause treatment such as hormone replacement therapy in conjunction with progesterone cream. Additionally, those with acute sense of fertility awareness also used oral contraceptives at the onset in the hopes of not only effective birth control but also alleviating menopause hot flashes. Yet since oral contraceptives carry a host of risks, a lot of modern women have chosen instead to search for herbal extracts that promise the same effects as supplementation with testosterone cream, natural testosterone elemental calcium, black cohosh, and hawthorn flower and other types of herbs and dietary supplements that promised menopause relief.

Yet over time it became known that the health claims made by many a compounding pharmacy selling such as salves and tinctures were overrated, or glossed over the more dangerous aspects of the herbs included. In addition, many bone density test revealed a loss of bone mass due to the direct interaction between some of the herbs with one another. So while alleviating symptoms of menopause is crucial, women began to realize that making up for estrogen dominance might harm them.

Fortunately, those who have come face to face with progesterone and estrogen deficiency also understand that some natural menopause treatments don’t carry the negative side effects that make other such approaches undesirable. HotFlashFreedom, for example, is the kind of formula that certainly relies on the harmony of many safe herbal substances to achieve the remedy of a host of menopause symptoms in addition to the dreaded menopause hot flashes.

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