The experience of using the iPhone 12 after the iPhone 11 — was it worth it?

Whether something has changed in the new product and whether it is worth updating.

Apple updated its iPhones in September, showing us the twelfth line. Since last year, I have been using the flagship iPhone 11, which fully satisfied its characteristics, but due to circumstances, I had to belatedly upgrade to the iPhone 12. After a month of use, I decided to share my impression and opinion about the new product.

What about the design?
Most of my friends and colleagues are fans of the iPhone 12 design — a return to the roots. Yes, on the one hand it’s fun, nostalgia and all that, but not when it comes to usability. I’m still not used to the way the phone fits in my hand and I miss the rounded edges of the iPhone 11 a little. The novelty does not scratch or cut your hands, but you clearly feel these edges in your hand, when this was not the case with the previous smartphone.
In terms of resistance to falls and damage, the novelty also loses. Over the past month, I have already managed to get several scratches on the aluminum frame and one rather unpleasant dent. This is despite the fact that I constantly carry a smartphone in a case and use it very carefully. At the same time, the iPhone 12 is lighter, which can not but please.

In 2019, Apple did not put an OLED display on the iPhone 11, presenting this model as a “state employee” from the eleventh line. The IPS screen is good, there were no jambs or complaints for a year of working with it, but still the display on the new product is noticeably better. The colors are juicier, the picture is brighter, the transfer of shades is more natural. It was the display that became the main reason why I wanted to upgrade and why I am ready to put up with not quite convenient edges.

The display of HDR content on the iPhone 12 is very cool, IPS simply cannot transmit such content, and what is the point of giving people access to shooting videos in HDR without the ability to view it? At least Apple didn’t save money here.

Nothing has changed in appearance: as in the iPhone 11, there are still two 12MP cameras — the main and wide-angle. I was offended that the possibility of taking photos in ProRAW was not added to the dvenashka. Theoretically, the company would not have cost anything to add this feature to the device, but Cupertino retained the “exclusivity” for Pro models.
With Dolby Vision video, the story is also strange: the firmware can shoot with 60 frames in 4K, and the usual dvenashka with 30 frames. Fortunately, at least the timelapse was left in the night shooting, if you use it, you will enjoy new opportunities. I was also pleased with the night mode for selfies: it was really not enough for 11. Now photos in establishments with friends will come out better.

Battery and battery
I have quite strongly planted the percentage capacity of the battery of my odinashka. During the year, it sank by 12% due to the use of fast and frequent charging. But I did not spare the device, my iPhone served: in recent months, I kept the battery from 8: 00 to 14: 00 with active use of the camera and social networks.
With the dvenashka, despite the fact that the battery capacity is 2815 mAh (against 3110 mAh in the iPhone 11), the situation is better. This is mainly achieved due to the new A14 processor, built on 5nm technology. Now the battery lives from 8: 00 to 16: 00, at the same pace of work, and there is still 20% left to listen to music on the way home.

“It just clicks” – from an Apple ad, it looks cool. I still allow myself a weakness to play with the animation of new branded cases, because it’s really cool. It is convenient to charge, fortunately, now I do not worry that the charging will slip at night and I will have to charge in a hurry, or at work.
I started using PowerBank with MagSafe, which turned out to be very convenient. By the way, I also have it with a stand, so you can watch movies and charge it. Which, in fact, I do at work.
But with a branded wallet, we did not grow together. As an accessory, it’s a cool idea, but I simply have nothing to carry there: I almost don’t use cash, I won’t put an old-style passport there, and I can carry a credit card with me when there is a linked card in my Wallet… Maybe someone needs it, but not me, at least not yet.

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