The Emerging Problem Of Ebook Theft

Most people are aware that due to digital piracy, the movie and music worlds are faced with problems. Since the MP3s have been around, it is very easy to get a lot of music just by downloading it free of charge.

When people decide to get the free music at a torrent website or a file sharing platform, the end result is less sales for so many artists. It’s the same with the movie industry as the movies get recorded first by movie pirates before they are uploaded to platforms for file sharing.

And now, the problem is spreading to one other form of entertainment – e-books. It happened suddenly, and with these books getting shared this way, this issue continues to grow.

So many books are being put in digital form and it is quite easy to get them by going to a torrent or file sharing site and downloading them illegally without paying anything.

Tablet PCs and the Kindle are pretty popular digital mediums that enable the proliferation of the books through digital means.

It is important that people stop and think about the illegal activity they are partaking in as the result could be a major blow towards the publishing industry.

Writers are only able to spend the time researching and writing their works because of the sales they can expect down the line. If the industry takes a hit, we may be left with a world devoid of much high quality writing as a result.

It is my belief that almost all of us do realize that we would surely be in a bad position if that should occur, so the best thing to do is to stop this illegal activity if you are doing it.

The sales of e-books skyrocketed above $37 million in the second quarter of 2009, which ultimately means that the regulators are going to be forced to deal with this issue since the use of e-books will likely keep growing.

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