The Efusjon Review Why Have So Many Joined It

Efusjon is a relatively new MLM company and has tons of hype surrounding it right now, but is this new network marketing opportunity just a scam? This review will talk about whether or not it appears legitimate or just an online scam and get to the core of this relatively new business opportunity.

Efusjon was founded by Robert Towles and R.S. Edwards and is an energy drink MLM company, with their web page of you can go and learn some of the basics about the company. No, I do not represent the company or products in any way.

First, what products does it offer? Its primary product is the Efusjon Energy club drink which is an Acai Berry based energy drink. They do come in a variety of flavors from “Edge”, “Raw” “Breeze” and “Dawn”. So, another juice and drink company enters the forray. It has become very interesting the amount of juice company’s in the MLM industry these days.

So what about the Efusjon business and compensation payout plan? By all appearances, it seems like you can generate cash both as a member or associate. Strictly as a member, you get paid 4.25% of all sales volume. The entry fee for a member is right around $30. This does indeed seems a little on the low end of things in the industry.

As an Efusjon associate, you can join at $120 and benefit from further compensation. Once as an associate you enroll 3 as an associate as well, you are promoted to executive and paid 4.25% of their personally enrolled total sales volume as well. As your team grows, so does your own commission check. So, essentially this looks like a standard MLM opportunity pay plan structure.

In terms of selling the Efusjon business plan, they look to be now making a entry into web 2.0 marketing, with Facebook specifically. This specific means of selling can be very hard since, web 2.0 is based on personal interactions and users are very very unfriendly with people selling their network marketing opportunity on it. In fact, it is getting more and more frowned upon to openly promote your business on sites like that.

So, Ejusjon does look to be a legit network marketing business, only time will say whether the industry can take one more “one drink” business or not. It is absolutely a very crowded market right now in the MLM juice business.

However, one item to keep in mind is that no company will build the business for you, no matter how popular, it takes real marketing knowledge and the ability to connect with other looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Right now, the internet is the best place to go find those potential customers and business builders using techniques like article or video marketing, or just straight up advertising with pay per click marketing.

To learn more about how to build your efusjon business, read below and click on the link for more information.

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