The debt solution landscape today is peopled with debt consolidation companies that have cropped up as a result of the serious financial straits; consumers find themselves in as a result of heavy credit card debt and other unsecured loans. With as much as 80% of Americans carrying a financial obligation of up to $10,000, some have begun to explore debt consolidation to reduce or eliminate crushing debt.

Debt consolidation companies offer various debt reduction strategies that target high interest rates, high monthly payments and long pay off terms. With some consumers struggling with monthly payments on as many as eight credit cards carrying up to 25% interest each, these companies offer a welcome relief.

You can reduce your monthly payments up to 60 percent by consolidating them. Payments including interest and the length of pay off terms can all be reduced by a competent debt consolidation company. The good ones can get you out of debt in a shorter time than if you continued making payments on credit cards and other non-secured loans. Those types of loans can take up to 10 to 15 years to pay off and most of your money is going to pay interest rather than the principle. That route is a major trap and a gigantic of waste of money at a time when you need every cent you can put your hands on.

Using well qualified, experienced consultants, debt consolidation companies work with clients and lenders to determine the best strategy to take to resolve clients? financial problems. And one of the most popular methods of reducing debt is consolidation of all unsecured debts (that is, debts not tied to any property) into a single loan offered by the debt consolidation company itself.

A debt consolidation company can offer no nonsense solutions to the credit card companies and other companies offering non-secured loans. The consolidating company then loans you money at a lower interest rate. You then pay back the debt consolidation company in regular lower monthly payments for an agreed upon length that is always substantially less than your original payments would have been.

Debt consolidation companies are able to approach each of a consumer’s credit card and other unsecured lenders with a settlement that results in a single lump sum that carries a lower interest that guarantees the lender will receive at least part of what they are owed. The single lump sum is then repaid at that lower interest rate over a shorter term period.

The consumer benefits by repaying the consolidation company loan in one low monthly payment at a lower interest rate that saves them thousands of dollars. With a lower sum to pay each month, the term of the loan is shorter and you can save or begin to repair your credit history and begin to plan for future financial stability. Any number of debt consolidation companies can be found online and many of these companies offer consumers a free debt relief analysis and a quote, making debt consolidation worth looking into at the very least.

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