The Convenience Of Modern Shower Commode Chairs

Many have found shower commode chairs a very convenient method of giving a shower to someone who is handicapped, disabled or unable to stand in a shower. It enables the person to have a comfortable shower, at their desired temperature. This results in their being able to keep clean at all times.

Having the correct shower commode makes it very comfortable for the person needing the shower to sit and enjoy the feeling of warm water running over their body. An extended water hose and faucet allows them, or their aide, to control the water temperature at all times. This makes having a shower a very simple and enjoyable activity.

Modern chairs of this type are very well constructed, usually of stainless steel frames and padded plastic seats. This allows for easy cleaning and maintaining sanitary conditions, which are often essential when someone who is ill or confined is concerned. They can easily be sprayed with a disinfectant and then rinsed with clear water.

These chairs are designed to allow easy removal of bedpans for cleaning. In addition, some models have removable arms and detachable or adjustable footrests. The push handles are conveniently placed for moving the chair.

With the many different styles and types of chairs available it is possible for one to find exactly what is needed for special situations. Adjustable chairs are very good for people who have difficulty sitting up straight or in other positions. They are easily movable with their large, well-oiled, wheels and can be securely stopped with excellent brake mechanism.

Chairs available with wheels, similar to a wheel chair, are very popular. They are comfortable and can be maneuvered easily. Chairs are also available that remain in the shower at all times and can be easily folded when not in use. It is easy to find a suitable chair today to fit anyone’s needs.

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