The concept appeared on the network: Apple AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max 2

While Apple is still silent about the release of the new AirPods 3, the concept of AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max 2 appeared on the network.

The new AirPods 3 were supposed to be shown last spring, as insiders said, they even lit up on Chinese websites in the form of fakes. But still, Apple is in no hurry to release a new product, it is unclear why. After all, many users are waiting for a version with the form factor of the second AirPods and support for noise absorption.
But there are almost no rumors about AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max 2 at all. But a concept has been lit up on the web, which shows what new products could be.
AirPods Pro 2, according to the concept, will receive a form factor without a leg, close to the Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless headphones. Whether such a form will be convenient is a moot point, perhaps the headphones will fall out. It is likely that they will be lost much more often.
In the description of the concept, reverse charging is prescribed. Cool, but is it real for Apple? We have been waiting for the implementation of such a technology for a long time, but Cupertino does not dare to implement it in any way.
A very interesting point is the concept of the DAC. As you know, Apple rolled out support for spatial sound and Hi-Res sound in Apple Music. So far, no Apple headphones support such beauty and you need a DAC in order to listen to sounds without compression. A compact solution is Apple’s proprietary DAC, which can be attached to any headphones using MagSafe magnets.
The new AirPods Max 2 on the concept look unusual, to put it mildly. Without the shackles, the headphones are apparently attached with the help of special pads. It is also a controversial issue about convenience, but there is no ugly cover from the first version.
And the headphones themselves are more compact, it’s cool — you can charge with the same MagSafe as the iPhone 12. The ecosystem.

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