The Classic Mr Smith Goes To Washington Reviewed

Mr Smith Goes To Washington is considered among the classics of American films. James Stewart played the lead role of Jefferson Smith, a naive Wisconsin country layman that becomes a US Senator. Jefferson, an average small town guy, is suddenly brought into a world of the politically corrupt. His honesty and moral fiber is a vast contrast to the wide spread corruption that unwittingly surrounds him in the White House.

Jefferson has no idea what he is in store for. When he takes a tour of Washington D. C., he is in awe of its history and significance in American culture. He quickly appears more provincial than his fellow Senators. Many don’t even know why he’s there. Others know he is only there because of his simple ways. But poor Jefferson is completely in the dark as to the true intentions of those that placed him there. He is just proud to have the opportunity to serve his country and be a part of the American political system.

Jefferson holds certain ideals of American politics that makes him a bit of an optimistic and extremely patriotic. He is a proud follower of the tenets of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. He looks up to these men and hopes to carry on the same tenacity for virtue within the White House.

Jefferson believes in the integrity of the government and puts his full faith and trust in those that create policy and uphold laws. His peers do not take him seriously. He appears to be out of place and not as sophisticated as his other fellow Senators. At times, he is considered to be a bumbling idiot and too small town to work and understand the complex world of government politics. But they soon find out they underestimated Jefferson and he becomes a force to be contended with once he finds out about the dishonest dealings taking place.

Jefferson learns of the corrupt deals exchanging hands between Senators. He is saddened and shocked by the revelation. But he quickly goes into action and seeks to fix the Senate and restore its integrity. He stands alone against those against him and fights for a just Senate.

He starts a filibuster on the State floor and exposes the American public to the illegal dealings within the Senate. This leads to the termination of the guilty parties. He is then applauded as a great American hero; proving that the American people still value virtue and honesty within their government.

Although this is a well known and widely received film, it did have its critics. American politicians took offense to the portrayal of Senators being men you could not trust. Several others took fault with how the movie represented America to foreign Nations. There were several countries that actually banned the film.

Mr Smith Goes to Washington stirred up a lot of controversy for its time. It opened during a tumultuous era in American politics. And many American viewers could relate to an average man standing up for what is right no matter who you are.

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