The Blue Bottle Jellyfish – The Man Of War

Everybody must have seen at least once a jellyfish – no matter if on a picture or he had a live experience it. That person has witnessed the majesty of the most attractive sea inhabitants. An interesting fact about the jellyfish body is that it consists of 90% water and 10% jelly substance from where their name comes. Jellyfishes do not only possess an amazing outside look, but they also have a interesting anatomy, however for the regular person the most attractive part of a jellyfish are its body contours and colors. And for the people who care about the outside look of the jellyfish we can recommend them to see the Blue bottle jellyfish which is a truly beautiful and interesting sea inhabitants.

The Blue bottle jellyfish gets its name because of its form and color – when on the land it has a bottle-like form and a blue color. However the Blue bottle jellyfish name is used mainly in Australia and the lands of New Zealand. For the rest of the population the Blue bottle jellyfish is usually named the Portuguese Man o’ War due to the fact that it looks like a Portuguese battleship which was used n the past. However the forms and color of the Blue bottle jellyfish are not the most interesting things about it. The strangest fact that we know for the Blue bottle jellyfish is the thing that its body is made by different smaller organisms called zooids.

The Blue bottle jellyfish feeds with small fish, plankton and almost all of the small creatures which inhabit oceans and seas. Another interesting thing about the Blue bottle jellyfish is the way it captures its prey and then imprisons it. The Blue bottle jellyfish envelops its prey using tentacles which glue to the target and then injects toxins into the prey which paralyze it making in unable to fight back. However a small number of jellyfishes use their arms and tentacles to capture their prey like that. The reason why the Blue bottle jellyfish is able to do that is because its tentacles are dotted with small, but sharp barbed hooks which pierce the target and stick to it.

The Blue bottle jellyfish is also a threat to humans, but there is no report in which a living person has died because of a Blue bottle jellyfish sting. Of course if you get somehow stung by one you should immediately seek help from a doctor. Or if there is no medical center nearby clean the stung place with cold water without laying a finger it and later apply ice packs to the stung place to decrease the pain.

The way the Blue bottle jellyfish moves is also very interesting. Instead like most of the jellyfishes which move with their tentacles the Portuguese Man o’ War lives mainly on the surface of the ocean meaning that its top is on the surface and the tentacles are underwater. But if it is in danger of an attack it can quickly deflate its “cap” and submerge. It doesn’t move on its own instead it uses tides, wind and sea currents. Blue bottle fishes inhabit mainly the ocean around Australia and New Zealand, but they can also be seen else in the world.

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