The Best Wedding Showers Are Classy And Fun

When a lot of women think of attending a bridal shower, there is a feeling of dread. They imagine sitting around eating lettuce filled sandwiches and drinking lemonade, prattling on about boring topics. Everyone watches the bride open box after box pots and pans and slightly risqu lingerie. Once she has a pastel colored bow-hat fixed on her head, there is a trivia game and everyone goes home. It is old-fashioned and usually not fun for anyone under 80. If you are are the host of an upcoming shower, there are plenty of ways to make it modern and fun. You can tune up three major aspects like the menu, the activities, and the guest list for a modern take on an age-old tradition. Create a menu featuring foods that are popular today. If you want to hold a luncheon for the ladies, serve loose leaf tea or organic black tea.

You can incorporate tradition with a modern twist and add finger foods with a modern twist, or choose the bride’s casual favorites and serve bar food or veggies. You can really mix up the menu to create something unique and personalized, but still has a bridal shower quality to it.

Next, plan activities that are not so old-fashioned only one or two guests know what to do. You can do the gift opening, but do not make it the main event. Encourage guests to bring a particular type of gift. Many brides today have been living on their own for years before they marry. They will already have towels and crockery, but may need some help with a particular product or event. For instance, brides can create a honeymoon registry that allows guests to contribute financially to the cost of their honeymoon. This way, the trip of their life can be had shortly after their marriage.

Finally, you can modernize your bridal shower by making it co-ed. Many of today’s showers are co-ed. It may be similar to the engagement party, or you may have something more casual. No one is excluded and it becomes a large event for family and friends to celebrate before the wedding. This might be fun if the wedding is going to be very formal.

The shower is a casual chance to celebrate. You could still play a few games or have an outdoor barbecue. Determine how many people are invited and plan from there. There are many ways to create a fun, modern bridal shower.

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