In the modern society that we live in today we’ve seen a lot of difference mobile phones but no one has received the amount of attention as the new touch mobile phones. These are designed with mainly just a screen and at the max 3 buttons to aid the navigation. The coolness factor is a huge boost of the touch mobile phones and can be seen as the main reason to why they’re so popular among young and old.

Want closer look at some of the most popular touch mobile phones on the market as of this moment? Then just keep on reading.

Blackberry Storm 9500: One of the most popular touch mobile phones, the iPhone 3GS, is seeing a lot of competition from the new Blackberry Storm. With its relative cheap price, the Blackberry Storm can win over a part of the market which the iPhone cannot. With the 3.25″ touch screen and very intriguing design it’s destined to get a positive reception among mobile phone users. The touch screen is of sublime quality which almost makes the use of a stylus pen not needed.

HTC Touch Diamond: One of the earlier touch mobile phones is the HTC touch diamond which has a bit smaller 2.8 inch LCD screen and a completely other software system. With the ultra popular touchflow software many predicted the HTC Touch Diamond to be one of the most popular touch mobile phones next to the iPhone 3GS.

Samsung Omnia i900: The touch screen display of the Samsung Omnia i900 is a standard 3.2 inches. It provides a full touch interface. Applications such as Call log, Launcher, Touch Player and Camera can be easily accessed with the help of a stylus. The operating system here too is Windows Mobile, but there are many applications which can be accessed on this phone.

As mentioned before the market is exploding with touch mobile phones. In the beginning touch mobile phones were a bit pricy but you can now find a touch mobile in every price range and from every brand. Some of the more popular products in this category are the HTC Tattoo, Desire and the Xperia X10 Mini from Sony Ericson.

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