The Benefits Of Using A Voip Internet Phone

If you are considering VOIP for business then you may first want to learn a little more about the technology and equipment involved, so that you can make sure you find the most suitable solution.

Voice over ip describes the transmission technologies used to deliver voice communications over the internet and other IP networks, as opposed to using the public switched telephone network (ptsn).

Also known as voice over broadband or internet telephony, VOIP converts the analog signal into a digital format before compressing it into IP (internet protocol) packets so it can be transmitted over the internet. The process is then reversed when the information reaches the other end.

Voip internet phone services for the mass market were introduced in 2004, to allow subscribers to make and receive calls in the same way the would using the public switched telephone network.

To connect to one of the providers of these services, customers need an analog telephone adapter – to connect between an existing phone jack and their broadband connector, a softphone – which is software installed on their computer to enable voip calls without needing any additional hardware or a dedicated voip internet phone to allow calls without the use of a computer.

VOIP for business has become more popular as companies try to reduce their monthly outgoings. The low costs and bandwidth efficiency, plus the fact that you can send data and voice communications over a single network, make it a very good solution for business communications.

Wherever you are, as long as you have broadband access you can use this service by logging in to your account, which makes it the perfect companion for the business traveller.

There are many IP telephony gateways on the market that enable you to connect your standard telephone to an IP-based telephony network so you can make and receive voice over ip calls.

There are three basic reasons to get voip for business – firstly because it is portable, secondly because it is flexible and thirdly because it is cost effective. It is now widely considered that this is the way forward for communications in business so why wait? Take advantage of internet telephony now.

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