The Benefits Of Patio Awnings

The benefits of patio awnings are great for you and your family. No longer will you worry about sun exposure because they provide shade for the entire patio, and are available with UVB and UVA protection. They can effectively block 99.9 percent of the harmful rays of the sun. The shade will make the patio cooler by up to 20 degrees.

Now when you want to sit on your patio furniture it will not feel like its burning your legs. The room that the awning is outside of will benefit as well. The room temperature will drop by eight to fifteen degrees. This results in a tangible savings in cooling costs. You are also preserving the furniture and carpeting by protecting it from fading from sun exposure.

Awnings can be fixed, meaning they are attached to your home and remain open for all seasons. They can also be retractable. These will fold up when you want them to either by a hand crank or a motor. Some are operated by remote control. They are made of your choice of canvas, vinyl or woven acrylic. They can cover an area of 30 feet wide and extend 18 feet long. There is a cover for the retractable awning to keep maintenance low.

There are side and front panels available. These panel screens let in plenty of light but enclose you and protect you from wind, rain and sun by up to 60 percent. Use them when you need them and they will extend down five feet. It gives you the feel of a patio enclosure without the price.

Keeping the awnings clean is important for maintaining the appearance and the durability of the material. The fixed awning will need to have the dirt and debris removed regularly. A good broom will work for this and it will work for snow as well. This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing. For the bars underneath a damp cloth once a month is good to keep them clear of dust and dirt. The retractable awning can just be hosed down once a month and allowed to fully dry before retracting again. If it doesn’t, with the cover on mold will definitely grow.

Mildew that has formed on the awning should be cleaned right away. Use a cleaner made to tackle mildew. Do not use bleach as it can cause the color to fade and if not properly rinsed can damage the fabric itself. Use a scrub brush to remove the mildew after the cleaner has sat for a few minutes.

You gain another space to your home by adding patio awnings. The kids have an outdoor space to play without the sun damage and you have another place to entertain even when it is raining. They are a beautiful addition to your home.

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