The Benefits Of Grass Fed, Organic Beef

Much of the cattle used to produce tasty, tender beef are fed with grass. The advantages of grass fed cattle are far superior to those consuming diets laced with chemicals and other additives. Believe it or not, these facts are upheld by hundreds of years’ worth of research, indicating that grass fed cattle are a far healthier choice.

Despite the likelihood that the beef you purchase is grass fed, care must still be taken. Unless you go out of your way to be certain and do your research, you may be in for a surprise. The differences in cattle’s diets on consumers are not small ones. For starters, research in various nutrition journals indicates that grass fed beef is lower in fat, a major contributing factor to overall cardiac health, instance of heart attacks and early onset heart disease.

Those tracking cholesterol can certainly benefit from eating grass fed beef, but this isn’t its only major advantage, as the heart isn’t the only organ that benefits. Other nutrition suggests that grass fed beef is higher in vitamins A, E and a variety of other vital nutrients.

Of course, taste is another critical factor when selecting food. Fortunately, grass fed beef wins out here as well, as those who have tried it generally prefer it to the alternatives in taste tests, reporting that it tastes far superior to other types of beef. Not only did the food taste better, but those who ate it weren’t exposed to dangerous chemicals. While research along these lines is still ongoing, a growing body of evidence suggests that some of these hormones may be responsible for the earlier onset of puberty in many children. This is yet another powerful reason to choose grass fed beef.

True, using chemicals and grains can result in a very high fat beef product, one that consumers may be trained to think is desirable. However, cattle producers started using this practice to cut costs and not to focus on the health of those eating the beef. Consumers need to be pro-active about their health and realize that producers’ focus on cost cutting may come at the expense of people’s health.

As grass fed cattle are allowed to graze on healthy, organic land, they also live less stressful lives. This lack of stress translates into tastier beef. They are also given fewer hormones and antibiotics in addition to those required by law, and who wants to eat these? These are not only unnecessary, but may do far more harm than good to consumers. The quantities that are administered usually are also far less than are given to chemically-fed cattle.

One issue of major concern when using antibiotics with cattle is the very real possibility that the animals will develop resistance to the medications. Once this happens, disease can spread through a herd and some of the cattle could be turned into beef products eaten by customers. That may even raise the risk of beef recalls. Grass fed cattle are far less likely to develop these types of resistances and the meat simply tests better, making it a win/win situation for the consumer.

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